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Friday 30 October


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Plenary 1: Carmen Pérez-Llantada – ‘Core and non-core academic language: mapping the disciplinary territories’


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The roles of the Journal Editor and Publisher in the digital age. Hamp-Lyons & Tancock

Supporting research communication: an exploratory study of NNES medical writers’ awareness of the collocational patterning of abstract nouns in medical discourse. Laso & John

Looking back from the center: Experiences of Italian humanities scholars living abroad. Negretti

A pedagogical application of multimodal analysis of discussion sessions to the teaching of conference discourse in an additional language. Querol & Fortanet


Research and teaching the socio-cultural background of maritime multiword units. Molina

Internationalization of Higher Education settings: How does it affect the English taught and used by scholars? Bellés-Fortuño

The role of interpersonal features in multimodal presentations: a case study of a Spanish academic preparing to present research in English at an international conference. Morell & Escabias


Publisher Workshop: An Introduction to Metrics in Academic Journals: From Writing to Ranking. Christopher Tancock, Elsevier

Navigating the rhetorical space of Spanish- and English-medium biomedical research articles: author positioning, genre and culture. Carciu

What should our doctoral students learn? Airs of renewal in teaching for research purposes. Sancho Guinda

Directives in conference presentations and university lectures: A cross-generic comparison. Fernández-Polo


What makes InterLAE different? The policies and practices of a research group. Vázquez Orta




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How credible are open access online-only journals? A situational analysis in

the humanities. Bocanegra-Valle

Using ELF to disseminate research in research group blogs. Luzon

Attitudes towards English as the international language of science. Corcoran




Keeping Economics local in the academic mainstream: Competitive journal

management practices in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Pavlovic & Buckingham

Understanding Visual Communication in Translation: The VISTAC Project. Moura & Pacheco Pinto

English the koine of academe: The Dubai student experience. McKenny



Complexity and dynamics of ELF publishing from the editors’ perspective. Muresan & Nicolae

Discussing numerical data in Linguistics conference presentations: The use of graphs and tables. Cal Varela

The attitudes of Turkish researchers towards English and Turkish as the medium of instruction and publication: A comparative study of researchers in a core country vs. researchers in a semiperiphery country. Akbas & Kaplan





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Saturday 31 October


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Joint Plenary: John Flowerdew – ‘Some recent corpus-based approaches to researching, teaching and supporting scholarly writing’


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Research publication support for scholars in Brazil: rising to the challenge. Martinez & Graf

Developing writing for research & publication in the trans/inter-national academy: The labour of an academic from the writing centre. Neculai

The Challenge of Scholarly Publication: Cross-disciplinary data from Turkey. Kirkgöz


Engineering-appropriate Writing Pedagogies: new tools to engage early candidature HDR Engineering students in self-editing for writing for publication. Hunter

Combining ESP and academic literacies approaches in a research-based writing course for anthropologists. Kaufhold & McGrath

Achieving visibility in international scientific community through publishing and presenting in English: the experiences of Bosnian-Herzegovinian scholars. Jahić


Academic literacy brokering for Masters-level students of biotechnology: A curriculum-based integration of discipline and language knowledge to support development of publication skills. Cargill, Habel, Able & Mather

An Archaeology of Academic Writing(s): Using History to Understand the Present and Future of Academic Writing. Molinari

“It is not just a question of English”: Two Case Studies from Iceland on Writing English for Publication Purposes. Arnbjörnsdóttir & Ingvarsdóttir 


Chinese scientists writing for publication: English teachers as literacy brokers. Luo

English or Englishes in global academia: A text-historical take on genre analysis. Shaw

Exploring contemporary Russian scholars’ writing for publication experience: a pilot study. Smirnova




Epistemic evaluation in a cross-linguistic perspective: Marking (un)certainty in English and Polish linguistics articles. Warchal

Rhetorical functions of citations: Cross-cultural variation in research articles published in international, Czech English-medium and Czech-medium soft sciences journals. Dontcheva-Navratilova

A Case Study of a Turkish Nonnative-English-Speaking Scholar’s Publication Experiences. Kirkgöz


Contrastive rhetoric in the analysis of criticism: How do linguists evaluate their research? Zaleska

The effect of national/international audience on the rhetorical structure of research article Discussion sections. Moreno

Running with Blades: How Norwegian Peace Researchers View Publishing in English. Nygaard


Author's voice and text structure: Features, moves and sections in the Associação Portuguesa de Linguística abstracts (2001 - 2010). Vieira-Santos & da Silva

Plagiarism: an acknowledged academic practice in Higher Education? Hidalgo Aviles

Turkish medical specialists in academia: Case studies of writing for publication. Onder Ozdemir


Cross-cultural analysis of conference abstracts. Povolná

The geopolitics of academic plagiarism. Bennett



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Referees’ comments on submissions to peer-reviewed journals: When is a suggestion not a suggestion? Paltridge

Humanizing Academic Writing: Empowering the Students. Ferran-Larraz

The Possibilities and Challenges of a Critical Pragmatic Approach to Teaching English for Research Publication Purposes. Corcoran & Englander

A comparative study of lexical bundles in published history writing in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Cortes


Moving On, Moving Up: Disciplinary Differences in Publishing for Career Advancement in International Academia Among Multilingual, Early-Career Scholars in the Social Sciences. Anderson

Students’ perspectives and reflections on learning selected promotional genres of academic discourse. Zakrajewski

ERPP in the Social Sciences: Transcultural strategies for teaching writing, research design, and resistance to epistemological erasure. Cadman (remotely)

A framework for the analysis of authorial identity in undergraduate dissertations. Olmos-Lopez




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Sunday 1 November




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Plenary 3: Theresa Lillis and Mary Jane Curry 

‘Does language matter? The politics of English, language and uptake in international academic journal article reviews’


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Translating the Humanities? The Fate of English as an Academic Language in China. Chan

“The one who is out of the ordinary shall win”: Research supervision toward publication in a Chinese hospital. Li

An indexical and intercultural academic discourse analysis of French EAL scientific writing: Identifying challenges and issues. Dressen-Hammouda

Don’t agonise, just organise: The rhetorical structure of Immunology and Allergy research papers. Martin & Leon


Practising translation problem-solving to counteract domain loss and the erosion of specialized discourse in non-Anglophone cultures. Bordet

Notes from the inside: Research and practice in doctoral and postdoctoral acquisition of English for Science and Technology in a US academic health science center. Cameron

Analyzing the structures, semantic prosodies, and semantic preferences of lexical bundles in research article introductions. Cortes

Content and phrasing in titles of original articles, reviews and case reports: range of practice in 8 clinical medicine journals in 2014 – 2015. Kerans, Murray & Sabaté


Accept or contest?: A life-history study of humanities scholars' responses to English-monolinguist research policies in Spain. Burgess

Scientists publishing in English from Indonesia: Evaluating a skill development workshop for authors and mentors. Cargill, O'Connor, Raffiudin, Sukarno & Juliandi

Code-meshing L1 and L2 Rhetoric in Scientific Academic Writing Instruction: A Step towards Pluralism in Writing? Uysal



Training ‘clerks of the [global] empire’?: English for Research Purposes (ERP) in 21st century Asia. Cao Xuan & Cadman

Editing the English of Clients in Academia in the Netherlands: an Authors’ Editor’s Perspective. Burrough

English for Research Publication Purposes: The research grant proposal genre. L. Flowerdew





Plenary 4: John Swales – ‘Standardization and its Discontents (with apologies to Sigmund Freud)’


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Closing Ceremony and Featured Entertainment "Performing the Language of Academia: The Academic Jargon Game Show" Joana Moura & Marta Pacheco-Pinto

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